Our Values:


We believe that security is a right for all individuals and organizations of all sizes. It should not be withheld from those who cannot reasonably afford to pay a premium for it. As cybersecurity professionals, we take a personal interest in the preparedness of local businesses and strive to be different than all others in our industry. We see small businesses as the life-blood of a healthy local economy and aspire to ensure their perseverance against cyber-threats.


Our beliefs:


  • Sustaining small business in our communities is priority number one.
  • Educating business and community leaders on cybersecurity is vital.
  • Cybersecurity in small business must be affordable for small business.
  • All organizations need cybersecurity whether or not it is required.
  • A security program should be scaled proportionately to the organization’s ability to manage it with existing resources.
  • We chose to distance ourselves from organizations who put others’ information at risk.